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Missions are the lifeblood of the Shinobi world, it’s how you help your village, it’s how you gain reputation, and more importantly it’s how you can afford to feed yourself. Here on Shinobi Generations we have a few types of missions; Village Missions, Bingo Book Missions which make up the primary system and then Clan/Organization Missions and Lodge Missions. All types of missions will be described below. Members are able to create missions of any type as long as they meet the listed requirements. Upon completion of a mission you will be rewarded with Ryo and EXP, the rewards will be explained for each mission type.


So what do you do when you complete a mission? All completed Missions will be claimed in the Completed Mission Board using the form at the bottom of this guide, each one will then be read and graded by a staff member. For word/post count based missions there is a standard reward listed under the mission type explanation. If the staff member checking the mission believes the thread is worth a bonus they will assign one, so don’t get complacent! Keep in mind that you have the option of stringing multiple missions together into a Plots that can then be claimed for rewards. 

You may only turn 2 Missions a day. You may be in as many Village Missions as you'd like but only 1 Bingo Book Mission at a time.

You may not train specialties or jutsu in a mission. 


The missions each Village Ranking is permitted to undertake:


Responsibilities | Training & Missions
Missions | E, D, C, B (With Squad)


Responsibilities | Miscellaneous & Missions
Missions | E, D, C, B, A (With Squad)


Responsibilities | Mentoring & Missions
Missions | E, D, C, B, A, S (With Squad)


Responsibilities | Varies by Village
Missions | E, D, C, B, A, S (SS when fulfilled)


Responsibilities | Protecting Leader & Special Missions
Missions | E, D, C, B, A, S, SS


Responsibilities | Freedom & Missions
Missions | E, D, C, B, A, S, SS



When making a mission please use this Form.

Mission Name | What is the name of the mission? Along with what village, clan, org or otherwise it can be undertaken by in [brackets].

Mission Type | Village Mission or Bingo Book Mission?
Ranking | D,C,B,A,S,SS-Rank? Let us know how difficult the mission will be, keep in mind the ranking will limit who is able to undertake it.   
Repeatable? | Can this mission be done multiple times?
Mission NPCs | Any mission NPC’s that the person taking the mission would need to know about? If so list them and describe them here.
Mission Description | Describe the mission in detail.
Word Count/Post Count | If there is a Word Count or Post Count please put that here.
Requirements | Any special requirements that need to be reached before this mission can be undertaken?


Please note the Village/Organization/Group that the Mission is for in the tags. 


[color=#ff3d3d][b]Mission Name[/b][/color] | 
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Mission Type[/b][/color] | 
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Ranking[/b][/color] | 
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Repeatable?[/b][/color] | 
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Mission Description[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Mission NPCs[/b][/color] |  
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Word Count[/b][/color] | 
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Requirements[/b][/color] |


Standard Missions |

Village Missions are the most common type of mission available. These Missions can be made for D-Rank through B-Rank and can be done by one person. These types of missions will always have a word or post count. The required word count for each mission will be listed below. Generally these missions will allow the user to use listed NPC’s as they see fit and only require that the person doing the mission accomplish it’s described task within the necessary word/post count. Village missions of A-Rank can be made, however they must be done with another person.

Clan & Organization Missions are treated in much the same way as Village Missions or Bingo Book missions, the only difference being that they're handed down by the leader of their respective entity, and the effect of completing multiple over time. Should your clan or organization complete many missions it will have a direct correlation to their standing within the village and it will be visible in the changes of our world. Keep an eye out for event notices tied to repeated clan or organization missions to watch your effort take effect in the world. When applying for these missions please use the Clan or Organization Mission Type so we can easily tell what it is.


Required Word/Post Count:

D-Rank | 500 Words for Each Participant

C-Rank | 700 Words for Each Participant

B-Rank | 1000 Words for Each Participant

A-Rank | 1800 Words Or 5 Posts for Each Participant (Requires 2 People)


Base Rewards for Standard Missions:

D-Rank | 200 Ryo, 5 EXP (0 Ryo, 10 EXP if Failed)

C-Rank | 500 Ryo, 10 EXP (0 Ryo, 15 EXP if Failed)

B-Rank |  700 Ryo, 20 EXP  (0 Ryo, 25 EXP if Failed)

A-Rank |  1000 Ryo, 25 EXP (0 Ryo, 35 EXP if Failed)

Staff may add bonuses for missions that exceed the required word/post count if the post/thread warrants. If the staff member grading the mission finds it severely lacking they also have the power to decrease the rewards. Although you may receive EXP if you fail a mission, this is only if you show distinct effort in your attempt. If your topic is lackluster and rushed, you may receive no rewards what-so-ever. Failing more than three missions in a month's time will result in your character being limited to missions one ranking below what they're ordinarily permitted to take on. This limit lasts two weeks.


Bingo Book Missions |

Bingo Book Missions are some of the most dangerous missions in the Shinobi world. These missions center around hunting down rogue shinobi and either capturing or taking them out. These missions will always be assigned through the Kage and are either targeting a player controlled NPC or another player's character. To request a name be put in the bingo book you would apply the same way as you would for any other mission, the biggest difference is that the village Kage must also approve your mission before it is allowed to go live. You may not control your own NPC, someone/staff must control it. There are no post or word count minimums for these missions, that being said they will be graded upon completion, poorly done Bingo Book Missions will not receive rewards. Created NPC targets for Bingo Book Missions must be A-Rank or higher. All Bingo Book Missions will be A-Rank and higher.


Only the Kage may put a character of their Village in the Bingo Book.


Base Rewards for Bingo Book Missions:

A-Rank | 1500 Ryo, 40 EXP

S-Rank | 2500 Ryo, 50 EXP

SS-Rank | 3000 Ryo, 60 EXP

All Bingo Book Missions are discretionary, the grading staff member can add or subtract from the standard rewards. You may request a reason why the standard reward wasn’t given, you should not request a reason why a bonus wasn’t given.


Plots & Storylines |

Plots are the accumulation of a story linked set of missions. What does that mean? Well if you are in a missions and you start telling a story that then carries throughout multiple missions then you've created a Plot. Once that string of missions has come to an end you are able to request that it be graded for Plot bonuses by a staff member. Please use the form below when requesting a grade so that we know who was involved and what missions they did. Some Plots will span many missions and many different characters, so just being involved in one will qualify you for some bonuses. Keep in mind the more involved you are the more likely you are to receive bonuses for it!


NPC Limits |

The non-player characters that are employed by your mission are subject to certain standards dependent on the ranking of the mission being created. Since the ranking determines the difficulty of the mission, it will also affect the number of enemy NPCs as well as your interactions with them. Violent interactions means fighting may occur but may not result in the death of anyone involved. Lethal means there will be killing involved in the completion of the mission. Any NPCs you do not have to fight or kill in order to complete the mission do not count towards the limit.

Each ranking of NPC is equal to 3 NPCs of the ranking below. Therefore, if your mission is limited to 1 C-Rank NPC, you may have 3 D-Rank NPCs instead. On the same hand, a mission with a limit of 1 A-Rank NPC may also opt for 3 B-Rank NPCs, 9 C-Rank NPCs or 12 D-Rank NPCs (the total limit for NPCs in any case is 12). By adding a requirement that the mission be completed by a squad of two or more, you may double the NPC limit, as well as the limit on their ranking. For example, a D-Rank mission may then involve violent interactions with 2 D-Rank NPCs, or even 1 C-Rank NPC, if it mandates multiple participants. You may find the limits for each mission ranking in the spoiler below:



D-Rank |

  • Violent interactions with up to 1 D-Rank NPC.
  • Lethal interactions not permitted.


  • Violent interactions with up to 1 C-Rank NPC.
  • Lethal interactions with up to 2 D-Rank NPCs.


  • Violent interactions with up to 2 B-Rank NPCs.
  • Lethal interactions with up to 2 C-Rank NPCs.


  • Violent interactions with up to 2 A-Rank NPCs.
  • Lethal interactions with up to 2 B-Rank NPCs.


When creating your NPCs, please specify either that they have 'No Abilities' or what abilities they possess. This does not have to be super specific but any specialties or elements that NPC possesses should be included, at a minimum. You're free to add as much detail as you wish, otherwise.


The Lodge |

The lodge is a special organization that’s sole purpose is to connect wanderers and sometimes illegal organizations with people willing to pay for missions they can’t go to a Major Shinobi village for. To get a mission from the lodge a Wanderer or Missing Ninja must travel to one of the three neutral villages where they have set up shop, meet with a middleman, then undertake the Mission. The three Villages where The Lodge is located are Koudan Village, Raisaki Village, and the Yanadi Village. These missions must all be of B-Rank or higher. These mission can be applied for by anyone, there are two ways to apply. One, send the mission to a Lore Master or Mission Moderator in a PM to conceal your identity as the mission giver, or Two, apply regularly through the mission forum. When applying make sure you use the Mission Type “Lodge Mission”. These missions follow the same rules as Village Missions and Bingo Book Missions, should you need someone to play an NPC it will be listed and you can request someone join you in that capacity.  


Mission Grading |

Once you've completed a mission, you may post a topic in the Mission Completion forum, filling out the template below in a new topic. Once posted, staff will review your performance and allot the amount of Ryo and Exp they feel is warranted.

Characters Involved | Link us to all the player characters involved in the completion of the mission.

Link to the Missions | Link us to the completed mission, order them from first to last in the case of a plot.

Brief Overview | Tell us a little bit about what occurred. Shouldn't be more than a sentence or two.  

[color=#ff3d3d][b]Characters Involved[/b][/color] | 
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Link to the Missions[/b][/color] | 
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Brief Overview[/b][/color] | 


Note | Legendary items and Bijuu can only be gained through staff controlled plots. Keep your eye out for those events and get involved.

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