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Name | Saisaki Naisho
Nickname | Sai
Title Name | [n/a]
Gender | Female
Age | 18
Birth Date | April 1st








Hair Color | Onyx
Eye Color | Sapphire
Height | 5'9 - 175 cm
Weight | 130 lbs - 60 kg
Appearance | Saisaki stands at around five feet and nine inches. Her one hundred and thirty pound frame is all soft curves and and toned muscles, not going in either extreme of the spectrum and she carries it with a sense of airy grace that contradicts her submissive personality. Her peachy skin is smooth and unmarred except across her face where a web of scars starts below the left side of her jaw line and spreads upward into the hairline on the same side. Saisaki wears her dark hair long with her fringe cut to cover the expansive imperfection. The rest is usually kept tied back in a long braid that reaches down to the back of her knees. Despite the scars and the mane of hair that often obscures half her face, the female's other facial features are pleasant; heavy hooded eyes of deep sapphire framed by finely arched brows, a petite and somewhat upturned nose, and a delicate pout.


The attire Saisaki prefers is geared more toward work and function than comfort. The first layer of her usual outfit consists of dark leggings and a grey undershirt and atop this base she wears a long blue tunic cinched together with a leather jerkin above that. Over the knee boots and gloves reaching up to her elbows, both in soft obsidian shades, complete the look. She rarely varies from this standard outside of formal occasions.




Village | Lightning
Clan | [n/a]
Village Ranking: | Genin
Shinobi Ranking | B
Element(s) | Earth - Lightning
Specialties | Medical (Novice) - Ninjutsu (Beginner)
Bloodline | [n/a]




Favorable | Twin, Reading, Animals, Humor, Rain, Gardening, Tea
Unfavorable | Fighting
Personality | There are two personalities that exist within Saisaki. One is a facade she has built over the years to deal with the awkward strain of social interactions upon her introverted nature. The second is that of her true self, which almost no one has been considered highly enough to witness every facet of, though traces of it break through her outer shell under certain circumstances.


The world as a whole tends to perceive Saisaki's facade as nice. She is always quick to smile and offer a helping hand. Her words are softly spoken and rarely harsh, though she is firm when it comes to dealing with those that can be considered her patients as a result of an unnaturally strong work ethic. Despite these traits, something almost always seems amiss when she interacts with people. She avoids eyes contact as much as possible, often makes excuses to leave the presence of other people, and even though she speaks kindly, it is hard to get words out of her; it isn't uncommon to see her mouth move as if she was about to open to speak then clamping shut.


Beneath the surface of Saisaki's passive exterior lurks the reason of her disconnected social skills. They are the result of old emotionally traumatic wounds that have festered for too long. As such, the female's primary reaction to things is physically unexpressed fear. She distrusts everyone unless they have gone out of their way to prove themselves to her and sometimes not even then. This has caused her to be overly watchful. She observes and learns everything that she can and files it away for future reference. Yet she is empathetic and her own pain ensures that Saisaki seeks to lessen the pain of others so that they don't have to feel like she does, especially those that have endeared themselves to her, securing an unwavering loyalty.


At that point is when one can touch the depths of her true persona. Her kindness and generosity multiplies with Saisaki often going out of her way to do things for people that she believes will make them happy such as surprising them with gifts. She speaks and laughs easily and always has a shoulder to cry on and even allows others to see her own broken pieces when she needs help herself. Her brother sees this side of her more than anyone and often elicits more typical sibling behavior from Saisaki such as arguing or conspiring.
Philosophy & Beliefs | Outside of combat, Saisaki believes one should help the less fortunate if they have the means to do so, However, in regards to warfare, she believes mercy begets misfortune; letting the enemy lives means they will come back to hurt you and your loved ones, and they should be removed by any means necessary.
History & Background | Born the eldest of a set of fraternal twins by a minute, Saisaki was raised in a warm nurturing environment. Their parents, scientists that developed technology for shinobi, gave her and her brother the freedom to explore the world around them and the means to educate themselves on whatever they found an interest in. Even as a young child, Saisaki herself was partial to the research her parents did and spent much of her time in their laboratory.


Their parents had a unique policy on the products they produced, preferring not to sell them to the highest bidder, but rather, those that exemplified their own beliefs of peace, especially in the wake of the war. This policy worked fine since the three main villages were civil during this time, but remnants of the defeated shinobi lands resented it when their desire to obtain advanced weapons was denied. The resentment fueled the birth of a plot against Saisaki's parents and their laboratory resulting in their death and the complete destruction of their home. Saisaki and her brother walked in on the crime as it was being committed only to be struck down and left for dead. Saisaki woke first and attempted to revive her parents with no success, but she was able to stabilize her brother and drag him to the nearest village - Lightning.


The newly orphaned children were taken in by the village and given the opportunity to join the academy. They each did so for their own reasons. Saisaki was gifted intellectually, but hated fighting so she struggled through the schooling. She managed to graduate on time to only because of the goal that had coalesced after witnessing the murder of her parents; protect those close to her and be able to heal them when things went wrong. The female has never sought to increase her ranked standing within the village since she graduated, instead preferring to hone her skills and apply them where she sees fit outside of missions given to her. Most days see her spending time researching different medical areas or looking after her brother.

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