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Chatbox Rules

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SG Regulations | Chatbox Rules


General Conduct

  1. No flaming, trolling or harassing other chatters. The chat box is meant to be a fun safe place for people to hang out and enjoy conversation when not role playing. If you have an issue with someone keep it to yourself. If you do not have nice things to say or talk about, then say nothing at all.

  2. No fighting or arguing if it is not productive. It is ok to disagree with someone and have a civilized conversation but the moment the discussion turns toxic or peoples feelings start getting hurt, it has gone to far.

  3. No advertising or posting links in the chat with the intention of diverting traffic from the site.

  4. No posting pointless, annoying or repetitious messages with the intent of spamming the chat. If you are trying to reach a member or staff and they are not responding, contact them through pm. If you feel like you are being ignored, there is probably a good reason and you need to change your approach.

  5. No arguing with members of staff once a decision is reached. Submit any complaints to a higher ranking staff member. Staff has final say and fighting with staff will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with something that was said or decided, take it up with an admin in private messages. Do not air your dirty laundry out in the chat.

  6. Racism, sexism or any other form of discriminatory abuse will not be tolerated. Benign jokes are exempt. We want the general conversation in chat to remain pg-13. We have members of all age, race, and preference groups, toxic behavior towards someone in this nature will not be allowed.

  7. No foreign languages may be used in the chatbox except in the cases of referencing things of Japanese nomenclature.

  8. Do not disparage the site or complain in the chatbox. Click Here if you have a reasonable cause for complaint. The chat box is not a place to complain about things you do not like. If you have questions or concerns about the way something is done then please forward it to a member of staff in a polite manner.

  9. Do not instigate trouble for the sake of doing so. It is not acceptable to cause trouble. Staff will judge these cases harshly and if you are found to be stirring trouble then you will be dealt with.


Staff Conduct

  1. No abuse of power, such as kicking or banning a member for an unsubstantiated or personal reason.

  2. No escalating tensions beyond their current level if it can be avoided. Trolling is not tolerated for anyone.

  3. You may only discipline a member for cursing if it is in a threatening or harassing nature.

  4. Maintain a mature attitude and level head, as far as your decision making process is concerned.

  5. Do not argue with another member of staff unless you out-rank them. In cases of stagnation, refer to higher ranked staff.

  6. Do not delete content unless it is in violation of the rules or causes harm to the site in some shape or form.



Punishment for rule breaking

If a member of staff believes you are breaking a rule or just causing trouble they will be allowed to step in. Staff are not to be argued with or fought against, their word is final. If you believe you were mistreated by a staff member then screen shot the issue and report it to an admin. There are a few levels when it comes to breaking rules, and staff will be allowed to issue these based on the level of the offense. If a staff member believes the situation calls for a higher punishment or you are a repeat offender, soem of these levels may be skipped.

  1. You will be asked to stop and will be given a warning.
  2. If the bad behavior continues you will be issued a 2 hour ban from the chat box.
  3. The third strike will come with a 12 hour ban from the chat box.
  4. The fourth strike will come with a 24 hour ban from the chat box.
  5. The fifth strike will come with a month ban from the chat box.
  6. After six strikes or a consistent string of bad behavior, you will permanently be banned from using the site chat box.
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