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The Samurai

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The Samurai were created some time after the Grand Sage left, and started off in the higher ups. The creator, Kokin Wakashū founded the Samurai and its philosophy Bushido beginning with his comrades. His purpose in doing this was because the great influence that the Shinobi had on the world. Many villages were beginning to use them, and the world was filled with violence. Kokin wanted nothing but to spread a new ideology and to convert the corrupted world to this, but he soon realized this was impossible as he was only one man and had a few followers. And not only that, but because the violent nature of the shinobi, simply being a talkative peaceful man would achieve nothing.


Instead, Kokin decided to take baby steps, recruiting non-shinobi, shinobi who had great fear, or people who were generally just doing nothing else with their lives. Not only that, but he developed the fighting style for the Samurai, Bushido (the same name as their philosophy) which utilized skilled kenjutsu with chakra. He knew that if he wanted the Samurai to survive and ever have a chance of showing the world a new way, then he had to create a way for them to defend themselves against ninja.


Because Samurai were and are still recruited one-by-one, there are not many Samurai compared to the large minority of shinobi in the world. Not only that, but many Samurai were still killed, but few strong ones remain, therefore resulting in many of the current generation Samurai having the same teachers. Ultimately, because they are the minority, Samurai are either Wanderers, Odotai, or mercenaries for hire working under ninja.


Their General Attire

Samurai are mostly seen carrying their katanas on their hip, with some few exceptions carrying it behind their back. Other than that, there is no specific attire that they have. However in the past, they wore robes, and armor going into battle.


Their Purpose & Goals

Most Samurais' purpose and goals are to create more Samurai by going around teaching and training people, and to carry out the ideals of Bushido.


About the Weapons

All Samurai are skilled in using the Katana or Wakizashi.


Bushido Philosophy

  • Righteousness
  • Heroic Courage
  • Benevolence, Compassion
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Honor
  • Duty and Loyalty
  • Self Control
  • Filial piety
  • Wisdom
  • Fraternity



  • Wield katana(s) or wakizashi(s) or both
  • Wanderer, Odotai, or Mercenary under a village
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