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Creation of the Bijuu

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Unknown to many, the Sage of Creation had a son that he passed on his teachings to. His son trained from a young age and was skilled in Yin and Yang Release due to his father absorbing the power of the brother. Shortly after his father vanished from the world, the son realized that the existence of shinobi, and more specifically the shinobi system, only seemed to produce more widespread and large-scale violence of the likes the world had never seen before. Seeing the violent world that the shinobi began to create, he became furious with the belligerence of the villages. The fury of the son grew by the day until, finally, it led to meaningful action.


He used his mastery of Yin and Yang Release, alongside his massive chakra supply inherited from his father, to create nine, tailed, sentient creatures with each of them differing in strength based on the number of their tails. At the time of their creation, he thought only of exacting punishment on the world. However, he did not believe this would be sufficient in rectifying matters. Perhaps, the son of the sage considered, it would only serve to worsen the matter. Thus, he allowed each major village (and some minor villages) to host a bijuu (with the stronger bijuu going to the major villages as an aid in maintaining peace). The bijuu were quickly abused and used as tools to spread more war and devastation. With each day, the bijuu grew darker and more like beasts. Their sentience diminished slightly, with their aggression reflecting more than ever before.


The Sage of the Beasts, as the son later to be known as, was filled with both regret, as well as sympathy for his beasts. The tailed beasts were originally very kind and sociable creatures, but because of the violent and cruel nature of shinobi at that time, they also became cruel and violent. Many finally resorted to rebellion and would attack their own host village, wreaking destruction before their leave. The villages requested help from the Beast Sage, however he came to side with his creations. Not long after, the concept of a jinchuriki was created, which was a method to forcefully control the tailed beasts. When the villages begged the Beast Sage to side with them over the bijuu and to command them to return to their host village's control, the Beast Sage lost his temper before proceeding to assault the worst offender among the village leaders, the second Mizukage, before disappearing. Rumors circulate that he left in search of his father, realizing that he was the only man who could bring order to the chaos, but only if he could convince him to do so.


Since then, various events have happened where tailed beasts have been constantly switched between villages or being set free.

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