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Name | Matsumoto Chinatsu.
Nickname | Reimei.
Title Name | Water's Wayward | The Stray Shinobi
Gender | Female.
Age | 22.
Birth Date | July 3.









Hair Color | Red.
Eye Color | Purple.
Height | 5'3" or 160 cm
Weight | 110 lbs or 49 Kg

Appearance | Reimei just classifies as petite at five feet and three inches tall. However she does not look like a child, with her ample shape, she is unmistakably an adult. With her long crimson hair, amethyst eyes, and porcelain skin her image is quite feminine. A black twisted tattoo symbolizing thorns winds along the left side of her stomach, beginning just below her left breast and ending just above her hip. A thin vertical scar decorates the soft skin around her left eye, the most notable imperfection upon her delicate features. Her favourite clothes to wear are tight black, leather pants, a strapless and cropped top that shows quite a lot of skin, a leather cropped jacket lightly decorated in pieces of armor that straps across the upper part of her chest, and black gloves encased in armored gauntlets. However in lieu of being considered dead and living as a wanderer, her appearance has changed in favor of disguising herself as a man when traveling through heavily populated areas. Her long hair will sit tied up beneath a checkered hat, her chest bound flat beneath a vest and an oversized black sweater, pants worn loose, with her neck and face able to hide within a large blue scarf, and even green colored contacts in her eyes.







Village | Ex-Water
Clan | NA
Village Ranking: | Ex-Jounin
Shinobi Ranking | A
Element(s) | Fire Release, Lava Release

1. Ninjutsu - Primary (Adept)

2. Bukijutsu - Secondary (Novice)

Bloodline | Yōgan








Favorable | Sake (frequently), Festivals, Hot Baths, Fruits, Books, As little clothing as she can get away with, Strategy Games, Flowers, Naps, Stray Animals, Sports.

Unfavorable | Winter, Nuts, Water Village.

Personality | Chinatsu's personality is a recalcitrant and contradictory one. Whimsical and headstrong with an audacious mouth, she prefers to do as she pleases, and often ignores most social norms. Though not a hateful person, she isn't necessarily nice either. She has a soft spot for the weak, sick, and elderly, but intentionally acts as if she doesn't. Among her peers she portrays herself with a tough as nails persona, one that vanishes into peaceful solitude once alone. She is reluctant to let people get close, preferring to prevent connections before they have the opportunity to hurt her. Those that take the time to put up with her shit will find her to be fun-loving and, deep, deep, deep down an earnest, well-intentioned, and even somewhat a romantic.


She doesn't usually bother with emotion on the battle field, though a sly comment or two may slip out, instead she opts to focus more on defeating her opponent with as few casualties as possible. She can be seen as unforgiving when it comes to protecting the what she cares about - usually herself.

Philosophy & Beliefs | To each his own; all are human; condemned to groan; the kind for another's pain, the unfeeling for their own. But! why should thy know their fate, since sorrow never comes too late, and happiness leaves too soon? Thought would destroy their peace.

History & Background


- 80 - Parents first encounter.

- 82 - Parents second encounter.

- 82/83 - Father dies on New Year's Eve.

- 83 - Born.

- 86 - Shinobi War Ends.

- 90 - Chinatsu joins academy (age 7).

- 93 - Chinatsu becomes Genin (age 10).

- 93 - Mother dies.

- 96 - Chinatsu passes Chuunin exam (age 13).

- 98 - Chinatsu appointed as Jounin (age 15).

- 99 - She proctors Chuunin exam.

- 101 - Chinatsu is sent on mission, which ends in her assumed death (age 18).

- 105 - A report sites Chinatsu spotted in the neutral mountainous terrain southeast of Lightning.


Matsumoto Chinatsu's parents were not from the same village. Her mother, a devoted medic-nin of the water village, encountered Chinatsu's father, an Earth Shinobi, on three occasions. The first time was on opposite sides of battle during the first year of the six-year Shinobi war, where he fell in love with the sight of a petite medic running like a fearless fool through the fray to retrieve a fallen comrade, and her mother didn't even notice the red headed shinobi staring like an idiot. The second time was during the second year of the six-year Shinobi war, where the two ran into each other away from the battle, and ended with the two in the same bed. The third time was six months later, during the third year of the war, as her pregnant mother watched his funeral from afar. 


Her mother returned to the water village to finish out her pregnancy. Born with her father's red hair and amethyst eyes, her mother named her after the Summer. Chinatsu's mother raised her daughter with enough love for two parents along as she could. Four years after the six-year Shinobi war, when Chinatsu was seven, she began her education at the shinobi academy. Three years later, shortly after Chinatsu became a Genin, her mother succumbed to a heart disease and left a ten year old Chinatsu to fend for herself.


Sad and bitter towards her mother's death, Chinatsu started acting out and rebelling against her elders. Often her hot headed temper getting her into physical fights with her peers and nearly killing a few of them. At first it wasn't too much of a problem, but after one instance in which the young shinobi bit off a good chunk of another kunoichi's cheek in a cat fight, Chinatsu became a regular visitor with the police. Rather than hindering her however, this frequent problem behavior assisted in her passing the Chuunin exams at thirteen with bloody colors.


Many thought that the girl would grow out of this rebellious phase, and some even tried to dismiss her - something that only ended up in violent confrontations. However, the number of police visits died down after a while, mainly due to more frequent missions for the girl. Though known to be a wayward soul in the Water Village, after a while of successful mission after successful mission, her fellow shinobi began to acknowledge her apparent loyalty shown to the village and at fifteen she was appointed as a Jounin. Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, she helped proctor the Chuunin Exams.


At the age of eighteen, Chinatsu was sent on a mission in the neutral mountainous land southeast of Lightning. Unbeknownst to her, this mission would change her life forever. Hired with three other shinobi in her squad to protect some rich shit head outside as he traveled through unallied territory, the group wasn't surprised when they encountered three Lightning shinobi along the way. What they were unprepared for, however, was an ambush involving eight more Lightning shinobi and their own inability to prevent the sudden assassination of their employer. Exhausted, outnumbered, soaked in icy rain, and having already failed their mission, Chinatsu and her fellow water shinobi were at a great disadvantage. Just as the leader of their group ordered them to retreat, one of her injured comrades and her only friend in the water village, Rei, slipped off the ledge of the steep cliff in which their battle took place. For her, it happened in slow motion at first as she met his eyes and they both knew for that split second that he was a goner. Chinatsu lunged for him, and it felt like it took forever for her hand to reach towards him. However time sped up and shot out from her like a rocket as she, too, went over the sleek cliff.


Her other two comrades, unable to rescue them in the midst of battle, watched them fall from such a height they believed it was surely impossible for anyone to survive. Especially since both Chiantsu and Rei didn't know medical ninjutsu, and even if the did, they knew the two had been out of chakra. They returned to the Water village, and so it was that the mission was a failure, and in the year 101 A.S. both Chinatsu and Rei were assumed deceased.


Now it is the year 105 A.S. and a woman, bitter from her rejection from a certain red haired boy, has sent an anonymous report to the Mizukage declaring to have encountered Matsumoto Chinatsu disguised as a boy drifting between small villages in the neutral land south and southeast of Lightning - close to where she was last seen alive.


Fun Stuff:

Voice: Ash Costello

Theme Song: Can't Find My Way Home


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